No, we customize almost any sort of app idea and concept except gaming apps. We will evaluate moving into the gaming app space later in our business journey. E Please add that Q/A

Once we reach the handover step, the app credentials are provided to the app owner.  The app owner will need to maintain the app via the mobile app platform for updates, upgrades, modifications, and to maintain push notifications.   The app owner is welcome to pursue our app maintenance via a 1-1 consultation.

Yes, can upgrade within 7 business days by contacting us via the contact us page or by phone.

No, it is not required to have a website to have a customized mobile app to support your business.  The existing website option to support a mobile app with the Mobile Bronze is an amazing package for the suitable customer.

Yes, your app will be able to provide push notifications to reach your customer base real-time.

No, although the website and the app may have the same functionality and look very similar with color and likeness it will not look the same. 

Within 10 business days

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