Yes, we offer 2 website management plans and it is more than change plans

Yes, we still recommend SEO services, because our website management will monitor your SEO but that is not the same as enacting activities for SEO

No, the website management service does not include creation of a new web page. If a new page is required reach Web Designs 4 Less at

Yes, but it depends on how you setup your services.  In general, there are domain, hosting, search engine optimization, website security and website management costs.  In some cases, the various website expenses are bundled together.

Your website is one of your most important assets. If your website is outdated or lacks maintenance consumers are less likely to return if they have a bad experience with your website. To ensure your website is achieving its purpose it should be managed. Our website management includes monitory web traffic, updating content, updating plug-ins, updating software upgrades, and monitoring website security.

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